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ReboundAIR™ in Buffalo, NY – “Jump It to Believe it”

  Why ReboundAIR™?
(Besides being the Best High Quality Trampoline)

1. It’s the Holistic way to work the whole body without trauma or distress to the body -yet your still getting the endorphin rush, i.e. “runner’s high”. 
2. It’s versatile – take it indoors, outdoors or on vacation with you.
3.  Turn up your favorite music and bounce and dance your way to a beautiful healthy strong body in 20 to 30 minutes 2 – 5 times a week. (It’s like a night out – dancing).
4.  Do I need to mention it’s so much FUN!
5. While your working out your whole body, the rebound exercise flushes out your lymphatic system (your immune system) like no other exercise!  A four minute “health bounce” a day will keep the body healthy and cellulite free.
6. Ramp it up with hand weights and even heavier weights for interval training.

We all know the importance of exercise for good health right?  So why don’t people exercise?

1. No Time. It takes to long to work all the muscle groups.
2. It’s painful
3, It’s adds even more stress to the body – vigorous exercise for a long workout releases cortisol in body- breaks down body – catabolic.
4. It’s boring. No Fun
5. It’s too nice out to go to the gym or stay indoors on home equipment.


Call  or email for a demonstration of this awesome exercise.  Read more about it!  Click on my ReboundAIR™ tab.

                             You Got to Jump It to Believe It! 

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  1. I am a special needs techear in Derby and I am interested in completing a trampolining course. I am not a PE specialist but I deliver a lot of PE to our children with severe learning difficulties and/or autism. I would like to deliver trampolining sessions to our less able students and would like some details on which courses would be more appropriate. Many ThanksKatie Harper

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