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Pesticides tied to falling bee population!

An Article that is a must read from MSNBC .

This Lenten season maybe we all should mindfully do something that will better our health and our world.. Lets give up supporting any company that uses harmful pesticides on our food. 

Let’s go on spiritual diet! – This means eat only food and plants that are not contaminated with chemicals or hormones.  By doing this we will not disrupt our body’s system as well as our earth’s system.

I ate meat today, but my meat was not from a CAFO- Concentrated Feeding Operation, it was not injected with hormones or chemicals and the animal was treated with respect.  Nor did the meat I eat today have any environmental impact on mother earth. 

Why?   It’s a very simple concept… Mother Nature Always Wins!  Love GOD – Respect your body and your world.

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