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Let’s Talk Bones and Whole Health!

My role as a Wellness Advocate is to teach very simply how our body is not broken into parts and pieces.  Simply treating the symptoms only creates more symptoms  in the body.


Let’s talk Bones and Whole Health – Shall we?

Our Skeletal system is alive! Like our organs, it has blood supply and nerve supply.   Our bones are constantly under maintenance.  The maintenance of bones first requires old bones to be dissolved  by “osteoclast” cells  then new bone is formed via “ostoblast” cells.  This process is called Ossification which both the deposition and absorption (destruction of old bone) are equal to each other so the total mass of bone remains constant.

Did you know your bones do more then just give your body support and protection?   Other key roles our bones have is:

  1. Key player in our immune system – Bone marrow produces stem cells that produce white blood cells.  Immune Function and Bones – A Direct Link!
  2. Forms red blood cells formed in bone marrow -deliver oxygen to the tissues of the body.
  3. Stores minerals – bones store, deposit, withdraw calcium and phosphorous
  4. Helps control blood sugar –  in the bone resorption process.   Diabetes and Bone Health – A Direct Link!
  5. Works with muscle to allow movement.

Our skeletal system is in a constant state of renewal with the direct help from our endocrine system:

  1. Thyroid and para thyroid – controls blood calcium and tells body to build bones or break down bones – Ossification
  2. Pituitary gland – master communicator gland for bone growth and development
  3. Pancreas – metabolism and glucose regulation

Other endocrine glands that has an intimate relationship with bones:

1 Thymus- depends on bones marrow to produce white blood cells.(immune system)
2. Lymph System – the t cells that mature in the thymus travel thru the lymph system that protects body from invaders (immune system)
4. Adrenal Glands – triggers body for Fight or Flight.  Excessive stress triggers Adrenals to secrete cortisol which compromises bone function, bone marrow function and thus our immune system.
5. Ovaries – Estrogen and lack of estrogen stimulates osteoclast activity and leads to osteoporosis.  Medicine that lowers osteoclast activity  through off the bone process which is said to be linked to diabetes

As you can see, healthy bones are vital in our over all health.  Our skeletal system demonstrates the interdependence interconnection and relationship of the systems and organs of the body. The Body needs to be treated as a whole.

The best way to protect your bones and your overall health:

1. Exercise promotes the stimulation of bone.  Weight bearing exercise – pounding stimulates bones health.  BOUNCE!
2. Exercise that improves balance and coordination as well as strength training.
3. Eat real whole food! -a balanced diet  rich in calcium, magnesium, vitamin K1 -leafy greens and K2 – fermented natto and dairy, nuts and seeds.
4.. Get plenty of Sunshine Vit D3 – necessary for proper absorption of calcium into small intestine.
5. Control how you react to stress in your life..Cortisol depletes immune function which interferes with bone marrow function.
6. Avoid:  Antacids, excessive alcohol and excessive sodium.

Educate to Empower to Own your Health!

Roxanne Linton WHE, WHC, CCP, CCE
Wellness Advocate


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