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If It Only Was Simple…..

How many times have we said that “If It Only Was Simple”?  Be it our car, computer, government or our own bodies.   We think, if I can just see the Big Picture of how it works – maybe just maybe I may be able to have some control.

I will start with the bad news; I got nothing on the car, computer or our (Big Sigh) government.  Now the Good news – As a Whole Health Educator ™- Wellness Advocate, I can help you understand the Big Picture of the human body to put the control of your health back in your hands.

For starts, we must understand that our body is made up of systems and organs which have two-way communications via our central nervous system and through our protein peptides (emotions, hormones and neuro peptides).   Now, our organs, systems, nervous system and protein peptides are interdependent on one another and perform many “unrelated” job tasks to keep the body healthy.  For instance, in my last post, I explained how your pancreas and thyroid are very much part of your bone health? I also explained how  healthy bones are needed for a healthy immune system!  The simple picture is that our body is not broken up into parts and pieces… It’s a whole package and must be treated that way.

When we become sick, our body is screaming with symptoms that there is an imbalance.  Simply taking a pill will never fix this imbalance – just the symptom.  Most of the time, continued usage of medication leads the body to further imbalances.

Keep it Simple – Fix or Prevent the Imbalance!  Taking care of our whole body includes: Exercising  that includes pounding,weight-bearing, aerobic, balance, coordination and stretching; Eating Real Food that consist of natural Vitamin, Minerals, Enzymes and Phytonutrients, Protein, Complex Carbohydrates, Healthy Fats, Roughage and Water. {Say NO to chemicals, processed foods and GMO’s}; Emotional Gate Keeping – our emotions/hormones play a major role in our health; Environment/Belonging– what’s going on internally in our body as well as what are we bringing in from the outside that’s messing us up on the inside? Lastly, Giving Thanks and Unyielding Faith for our blessings and for a better tomorrow.

Something to think about today… Prevention is so much cheaper and easier than the Cure!

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Educate to Empower to OWN Your Health.
Roxanne Linton WHE,WHC,CCP
Wellness Advocate

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