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Why Losing Weight is Not Just about Diet and Exercise

There are so many people who diet and exercise yet cannot lose weight.  Why?

This is a very frustrating topic that I hope to shed some light on.  The Whole Health Approach!

Factors Preventing Weight Loss:

1. Stress –  releases excessive cortisol.  Cortisol tells the body I need energy now or in the very near future therefore communicates to the body to store “quick energy” in the belly and ensure a good supply… junk food cravings.  Learn how to control the way you react to stress in your life.

2. “Fat Free Diets” – When you starve your body of fats, then your body’s – liver creates fat which is the harmful fat – triglycerides.  The body needs a certain amount of Saturated, Monounsaturated and EFA’s – Essential Fatty Acids to function and for optimal health. Let’s be very clear… Glucose which is sugar is the cause of increased LDL – the bad cholesterol in the body.  Limit your breads, pasta,fruits and  sweets. Always chose “Whole Grain flour” or “Whole Wheat” in the first ingredient in your bread or pasta.

3. Toxic Liver – Your liver performs over 400 various functions. A toxic liver can preventing your weight loss.   Some functions of the liver include: A) Detoxes the body “Detox Power House”; B) Emulsifies fat; C) Sugar “glucose” is sent to liver for proper distribution to the brain, muscles and fat cells;  D) Metabolizes hormones; E) Aides in Digestion.  It is very important to begin your weight loss with a clean liver!   Toxins include:  Tylenol, medications, excessive alcohol etc.  Ways of detoxing liver: A) Start your morning with organic lemon water; B)  adding cilantro, parsley, dandelion spinach, asparagus and avocado to your smoothie or dishes is a Detox Boost – these are glutothione building foods – Glutothione and your health is a Whole Post on its own.  Stay tuned! 

4. Waterlogged Tissues  can be a result of:   Hidden food allergies, medications, hormonal imbalance as well as lack of protein.

5. Excess Insulin and Excess Inflammation  – when we eat high glycemic foods (food that turns to sugar – very rapidly in the body) it triggers high insulin in our bodies.  Insulin is a hormone that tells the body to “store” sugar.  Our brain and muscles cells only store a small portion of sugar, the rest is stored in fat cells. Also eating high glycemic foods can trigger Leptin resistance… What??  The body also produces hormones Ghrelin and Leptin that tell us when we are hungry and when we are full.  Another topic for another day!

6. Environmental factors – Studies show that between 1930 and 2018  increase use of chemicals matched the increase in obesity in the U.S.  Chemicals include: GMO -Glyphosphate  “Rat Poison”, Aspartame, Pesticide, herbicides, fungicides, drugs, plastics, GMO’s and high fructose corn-syrup.  These toxins are endocrine “disrupters” – wreaking havoc on our hormones!   Also these man made environmental toxins promote stress in the body which increases cortisol levels.

Glyphosphate is in many foods.  Click here to read article.  In 2016 300 million pounds of Glyphosphate was dumped in our soil, hence in our food thus in our bodies!
Monsanto – the maker of “Round Up” Glyphosphate – Lost $289 million dollar lawsuit.  Click here to read article

7. Lack of support – choosing a healthy lifestyle can be challenging.  If your family and friends are not supportive it is very easy to fall back into the SAL… Standard American Lifestyle.  Learn how to connect with like-minded people who encourage and support you.  Also learn how to shut off that inner critic that also prevents you in your success.

It is my hope that I opened a window to your weight loss success.

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Roxanne Linton WHE, WHC,CCP and CCE



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