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Your In Control

Your In Control

Take Control

Chronic disease, according to Doctor Mark Hyman is a result of a complex network of biological disturbances that knock the body out of balance.  Such disturbances are:  poor diet, high levels of stress, low to no physical activity and exposure to environmental toxins.

If we just stop for a moment to think about this.  None of us need to be a MD, PhD or any degree of higher education to be healthy.… The actual causes that can lead us to poor health are : poor diet, high levels of stress,Environmental toxins and no exercise. Even if it’s in our genes, we all need to understand our lifestyle has a tremendous effect that can turn on or off those genes .  A healthy lifestyle is in our reach, meaning we have control.  Even with, unfortunately environmental toxins – becoming aware and taking necessary steps to protect yourself and your family by: buying organic and  eliminating or mitigating the toxins in and around our home– we still have control.

It is when we lose control because of not taking care of ourselves we have a chance of developing diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, dementia, heart disease, Alzheimer’s.   We then find our selves at the mercy of the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies.  Our time and money  then is spent on finding the right specialist and drug to treat the symptoms.  In the process,we lose our health, our youthfulness, our bodies… our Control.   We then enter the merry-go-round of disease, medicine creating further imbalance and before we know it, we have lost complete control. Can anyone attest to how long it takes to get an appointment with a specialist?  Or the cost of the drug to relieve us from the painful symptoms?

Still need more motivation.  According to the CDC Health United Nations Report 2016  The cost to the nation of losing our control:  In 1980 The GDP of National Health Expenditure  was $2,863.00 Billion dollars.  In 2015  GDP National Health Expenditure rose to a frightening $18,037.00 Billion!

I will be offering a Free 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge that will be full of Education, Inspiration and Interaction.  This program is designed to empower you to take control!  Stay Tuned!!

Also some very exciting news to watch for!

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Roxanne Linton, WHE,WHC,CCP,CCE

Resources:  Mark A Hyman, MD The Failure of Risk Factor Treatment for Primary Prevention of Chronic Disease, Alternative Therapie

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