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Health Care.  The Missing Link.

Health Care. The Missing Link.


The Importance of Hiring a Wellness Professional specifically trained in Whole Health Education and Behavioral Engagement  is the missing link in health care.

The largest expenditure in our health care system is chronic conditions  caused by lifestyle and habit.

Chronic Conditions caused by behavior and habit require a change of behavior to correct them.  The health care system needs revamping, new information is needed and we have got to create patient center care to create that change.

During my studies at the National Institute of Whole Health, I could not tell you how many times my jaw has dropped with “new to me” current integrated information about the root causes of illnesses or how many times I shook my head to think how the medical profession does not have the time or training to get to the root of the problem but can only treat the symptom with medicine only to create more imbalances in the system.  From our Food pyramid, to the Fat Free Craze… We were given the wrong information that worsened the chronic conditions.

During my studies, I began to understand what my body needed and what my body needed to get rid of.  I was immediately motivated to live a proactive preventative lifestyle. My results: I stopped exhausting my adrenal glands by changing how I exercised  and changing my diet.  My body became collectively stronger and healthier. I am in the  best shape now in my 40’s then when I was in my 20’s. I don’t count calories nor do I weigh myself.  My diet contains real  anti- inflammatory food and I work diligently on my mind-body thru prayer with faith, meditation, fresh air and yoga.

I am very passionate about what I do because my family carries the gene to arteriosclerosis and  I was chronically sick (run down immunity) in my 20 – 30’s being told by health care professionals there was nothing they can do.  I have the education, tools, materials and experience to provide The Whole Picture of Health® and explain the Five Aspects of Health®…. the missing link that is desperately needed by our Health Care.

I truly believe if people were invited into their own healing process along with  One to One peer counseling with Whole Health Education tailored to meet their needs- the largest expenditure would no longer go to chronic conditions but perhaps the monies will go into protecting our planet, our food and our water and thus creating a healthier world and a healthier economy!


Educate to Empower
It’s a Whole Health Thing.

Roxanne Linton WHC, CCP, CCE

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