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Silent Inflammation…. The Body at War With Self

Silent Inflammation…. The Body at War With Self

Wrong Information

When I began my Journey to become a Wellness Professional in 2009, my first class with the National Institute of Whole Health was Inflammation and Disease with Dr Barry Sears.

All I can say was, my jaw dropped and I became very upset... All my life, I was told fat was bad, fat caused high cholesterol, fat caused heart disease, fat was the cause of poor health.   All along… it was SUGAR, white flour and worse High fructose Corn Syrup. (Not to mention GMO, and Hydronated oils – another blog)

The Silent Killer

Silent inflammation functions below the body’s threshold of pain. It can go years unnoticed, attacking the internal bodies organs and tissues which leads to numerable disease states.

When disease symptoms show up such as rapid aging, cancers, asthma, allergies,heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Autoimmune etc… this is just the tip of an iceberg… Below the surface lurks the root… silent inflammation.

Classic Inflammation (101) How our bodies respond to an injury:

Inflammation is the body’s response against invasion of foreign substances. The body’s  natural intelligence comes to the rescue  which releases inflammatory hormones as a response to injury. There is clotting, swelling, redness and pain. These inflammatory hormones communicate to the body to call for its immune cell’s to respond by attacking the foreign invaders and damaged tissue. To return to homeostasis, the body naturally triggers it’s anti inflammatory hormones to cool the “fires” and reduce swelling to heal the wound. This is what we call the body’s natural intelligence.

Silent Inflammation:

Disruption in the body’s natural intelligence that triggers an abundance of inflammatory hormones and a reduction of anti inflammatory hormones are a result mostly of

  1. Poor diet – loaded with sugar and processed – non foods
  2. Obesity
  3. Environmental toxins (Round up, GMO in food)
  4. Stress (Emotional and Physical – working bodies too hard)
  5. Unknown food allergies – Gluten (another blog to come)

  As a result we have the Perfect Storm which leads the body tissues to lose its ability to recognize cells that are “self”;  The body then attacks self with the inflammatory response;  Through poor diet and chronic stress, the body’s inability to produce anti inflammatory hormones.

Silent Inflammation is where the body is unknowingly at war with self. It’s the best attack plan – really.   Think About It….Slowly send in the troops to go in and little by little attack the “Heart” of the country,   or the “Brain” of the country and the “Defense” of the county. It would take years before the country saw the signs of corruption and by that time, it’s too weakened to fight back. (Alzheimer’s disease comes to mind)

What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones from Silent Inflammation?

  •   #1 Eliminate or decrease Sugar and high glycemic foods (high in sugar).  I teach my clients how to feed their hormones the right diet to reduce cravings and to balance hormones.  By doing so you shut down and prevent the silent killer. (See below for the 7 day  Sugar Cleanse)
  • Avoid the Dirty Dozen.. Download the Shoppers guide (see my side bar on website)
  • Avoid GMO Foods (see my side bar)
  • Limit stress in your life and or control how you “react” to stress.. I teach about various tools to “Take Control” such as meditation, EFT .  Exercise correctly – bouncing on a trampoline!


Hormones are more powerful than any drug without the destructive side effects. Surprisingly enough, feeding your hormones correctly satiates hunger, allows the bodies natural intelligence to maintain homeostasis and the results:  Health, loss of weight and longevity.

Remember a drug may be a simple fix to that symptom but it can create further disturbances in the bodies natural intelligence thus creating the long list of side effects. A Whole Health Lifestyle brings your body back to balance.

Need more reasons to Cut sugar….

What is the Prediction of New Cases Cost of Alzheimer’s today 2018 then in 2050

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Roxanne Linton WHE,WHC,CCP

Wellness Professional and Owner Primal ReBOUND

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