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As A Childbirth Educator my most important objective is for my moms and dads to Trust in the fact the female body was created to give birth. 

Childbirth Education will empower you to be actively involved to have a wonderful experience throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth and post partum by:

  1. Familiarizes parents with what to expect in the birthing atmosphere and choices and options available.
  2. Includes information on the process of labor and birth.
  3. Decreases anxiety and fear of the unknown.
  4. Increases the feeling of control over the experience and allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s arrival.
  5. Teaches parents ways to cope that reduce or prevent the need for intervention.
  6. Teaches the pro’s and con’s of intervention.
  7. Teaches coping skills that are life-style skills. 

Birth is a memory that a mother will carry the rest of her life” Penny Simkin

Childbirth Education Classes – Southtowns 

Nights or Weekend Classes
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Contact:  Roxanne Linton WHE,CCE
Email: Wholehealthtoday@gmail.com
Phone:  (716) 225-9030

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  1. Yay Leah!!! You are so amazing! This is so etiixcng, I know you will be a phenomenal educator and supporter! I can’t wait until I can use your services !!! Congrats on getting this all up and running!

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