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I am a SUNY graduate with my BS from Fredonia College. I am a graduate of the National Institute of Whole Health with dual certification as a Whole Health Educator and Wellness Professional.  I received my Chronic Care Professional National Certification from Health Sciences Institute. Also, I am a Certified Childbirth Educator from the Academy of Childbirth Educators.  I recently received my Group Fitness instructor certification from Ace Fitness.

Nationally Accredited Certifications

My Certifications are both accredited by the National Commission on Health Education Credentialing and Institute of Credentialing Excellence. I carry my National Provider Identification number with billing codes, so individuals can use their tax deferred health savings on my services.  This allows my clients to use their deferred savings to invest in their health and makes it affordable to do so.  Also, as an Allied Health Provider, Doctor’s can contract me for their office.

The WHY…
Unfortunately  – we all had the wrong information!   We were given a food pyramid that promoted obesity, inflammation, disease – as well as food addictions.  Our government subsidies  junk food – making junk food cheaper then fruits and vegetables. Our bodies are treated by the medical profession as  parts and pieces and instead of finding the root of illness – we are given drugs to mask the symptoms – creating bigger issues! There is an  increase of toxins in our soil that not only decreases the vitamin and mineral nutrients in our food but those toxins go into our body. We were taught at a young age that  the measure of success is the killer career and large income while putting our happiness, our health, our relationships and our concern of environment on the back burner .  We were taught that long hard vigorous workouts are key to building a healthy body – but in reality were breaking down our bodies.  As a result our society as a whole has become Stressed,Obese, Sick, Depressed and on a merry go round in the Sick Care System.

My Story:
Even though I received my four year degree in Accounting and been in corporate America for 15 years, I have  always been passionate about my health and taking care of myself.   As a child I witnessed my very young and active aunts and uncles, on my mothers side of the the family, in their early 30’s battle and die of heart disease and cancer. The family was told it was “in their genes”.  I asked myself WHY??

In my 20’s , even tough I was leading a “healthy low fat lifestyle” I began to have chronic infections and was sick most of the time.  I had a great job, worked out almost every day and “ate right” but I always seem to run myself down.  Finally, in my 30’s, still chronically sick  and then my children were also chronically sick – I was tired of the medications that didn’t help prevent the sickness  and actually created more symptoms. I started to research alternative medicine and holistic preventative health.  There was so much out there and my mind was swimming as to what’s the real thing and what’s the “snake oil”.  In fact, you can go to any store – like the  Dollar General or Walmart and they have a dedicated isle to vitamins in many brands.  What even more confusing….Our food and beverages loaded with chemicals have labels that say “Proud supporter of the American Heart Association” or you see this on our milk or meat packages “No Growth Hormones”…….WHAT? I began to research environmental toxins and the benefits of organic whole foods, gut health as well as the dangers of processed foods, white flour and white sugar.   I slowly started nourish our guts,  clean out my families diet of the non food, eliminated toxins from my environment and  found balance in my life.  I still suffered from what I now know as Adrenal Fatigue.

In my 40’s my passion grew more and more into preventative health.  The more books I read on holistic preventative health the more passionate  I became – especially being chronically ill for so long.  My passion and my ability to take back my health sparked me to seek a career change.  I looked into Health Coaching.  Through my research of  I stumbled on National Institute of Whole Health where I obtained a professional national accredited certification as a *Whole Health Educator and *Whole Health Coach.   The program was intense, it created a paradigm  shift in  me to understand organically the *Big Picture of Health®.

Primal ReBOUND:
Through my course work I have learned about Adrenal fatigue.  I was working out too hard and breaking down my body.  I began to research exercising smarter thru the functional doctors who taught the courses at NIWH.  I came across the high quality ReboundAIR mini trampoline and amazing benefits of this type of exercise.  As a Whole Health Educator I loved the fact this was a Whole body exercise so I purchased one back in 2011.   I also researched  and was doing interval high intensity training.  Over the years I have created interval high intensity weight bearing training on my  ReboundAIR.  My routines has kept me in great physical shape, I love to do and the routines are 35 minutes with floor work – I have been able to stick with for the last 7 years!  It’s time that I share!

Billable Provider:
My professional certifications allows me to hold my National provider Id that I can bill out for my Wellness services so clients can use their FSA or HSA savings to invest in their health.  I hold Health Educator billing codes so Doctors can also bill out my services for medicaid patients.

I’m Selling:
I began Whole Health Today so that I can empower people on their journey to optimal health. We are each so unique and there is not a one size healthy lifestyle.  Allow me to work with you to customize your plan to provide life lasting results.  I am selling you…. YOU!

Roxanne Linton WHE, CCP, CCE

Certified Whole Health Educator™
Certified Wellness Advocate Professional ™
Chronic Care Professional
Certified Childbirth Educator
Group Fitness Instructor


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*Whole Health Educator and Whole Health Coach are registered trademarks  of the National Institute of Whole Health.

*Big Picture of Health is a trademark of the National Institute of Whole HealthRe

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