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Recommended for couples, women at least 6 months pregnant.

Friday Evening 2 Hours/ Saturday Class 6 Hours  = 8 Hours
One Night a Week 2 Hour Class for 4 Weeks = 8 Hours

$100 per couple

Patient health education by a Certified provider is a billable and reimbursable service when offered under the direction of a licensed medical physician or nurse practitioner and is supportive to the care of the patient.

Sample Topics:

Anatomy and Physiology
Proper Nutrition and Exercise
The Importance of Birth Plans
Stages and Phases of Labor
Comfort Measures for Labor and Birth
Birth Including positions for pushing
Relaxation Techniques
Hospital Procedures, Pain Medication
Variation of Labor, Medical Interventions, Cesarean Birth

*Moms and Dads are welcomed to help determine what topics to be discussed.


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  1. I have been a client of wotch for the past 7 years and i am so grueaftl to them they have saved my life and provide an amazing service. My worker has been there every step of the way and has been my biggest supporter and has helped me to find myself and be off medication for 2 years and out of the hospital for 3, and i agree that the hospital system treats us like criminals when all we are looking for is understanding, thank you wotch from the bottom of my heart

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