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Whole Health Today offers group Sessions to bring people together to learn, grow, offer support and sense of community.

We will meet for a total of 5 consecutive sessions once weekly using my Whole Health Model.

A minimum of 3 people max 6 people.   (see button below to schedule)

Group Sessions:

Anti-Aging from the Inside Out
Learn of the Five Aspects to feeling Young and Looking your Best..
A 5 Session Model meeting once a week for Five consecutive weeks.
Warning:  You may lose weight, feel amazing and save a ton of money in the process!

Diabetes – Learn how to take your body back.
Allow me to walk with you and others on a journey to unpack what the 5 Aspects that leads to Diabetes … Then allow me to teach and coach the team on the 5 Aspects to Health.

Feeding Your Body on a Cellular Level.
Learn how to nourish your body on a Cellular Level… Forget the fad Diets, Forget the scale or counting Calories.. Stop the Madness!

Stress Reduction Techniques to OWN with proven results. 
Lets Face it… Stress Kills – Lets join together to learn the best of the best Stress Reduction Techniques, practice meditation and explore the power of our Subconscious Mind.

FSA and HSA Qualified Professional – Why not use your tax deductible hard earned money and invest it for a lifetime of Health!

Patient Advocacy:
It is encouraged to share the information obtained in these sessions with your doctor/specialist.  As a Whole Health Educator my #1 job is to be a Patient Advocate – it is imperative to coordinate care with the client’s primary physician or specialist.

Roxanne Linton WHE, CCP,CCE