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As a Wellness Professional, I provide Whole Health Education with Behavioral Engagement ™*  which invite’s you into the process of your own healing by providing:  one-to-one peer counseling, education, information and options that allows you to devise a life altering plan that works for you.

Whole Health Education is accomplished in a total of Six – One hour to 45 minute sessions.  The first session is FREE.  This session  will be the interview to understand the clients needs and goals regarding  health information.  Then the following sessions touches upon the Five Aspects of Health ®* that can lead us to optimal health or if left unbalanced to disease:

  1. Physical/Structural
  2. Mental/Emotional
  3. Chemical/Nutritional
  4. Environmental/Exercise
  5. World View/Spiritual

In each of your sessions you will receive: Current medical and alternative research information; charts/diagrams; informative handouts and book suggestions.

The individual session also include guidance as to how the aspects fit into the Big Picture®* of health as well as techniques/field trips such as: 
     A.  Super Market Exploration – A guided Whole Health approach super market tour.
      B. Pantry Clean Out – Let me help you remove the food in your pantry that’s harming your family’s lives.   

 Each session also includes goal setting and follow up.

FSA and HSA Qualified Professional – Why not use your tax deductible hard earned money and invest it for a lifetime of Health!

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Patient Advocacy:
It is encouraged to share the information obtained in these sessions with your doctor/specialist.  As a Whole Health Educator my #1 job is to be a Patient Advocate – it is imperative to coordinate care with the client’s primary physician or specialist.


Roxanne Linton WHE, CCP,CCE

*Behavioral Engagement Model and Big Picture Concept are  registered trademarks of the National Institute of Whole Health

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