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Eat lunch while you learn how to take control of your health all in 50 Minutes!

Whether its with a group of friends or your office co-workers – pull a group together who may be interested in the  one of the following topics for Lunch and Learns:

  • Anti-Aging – how to stop Middle Age Spread.
  • The Skinny on Fats.
  • Stress and Disease – Why stress is linked to  80 plus % of all illness
  • Stress Reduction Techniques – Learn about the various techniques to control how you handle stress.
  • Getting into the Zone – Feeding your body the proper fuel (Fats, proteins, Carbohydrates,roughage) to optimize your hormones, lose weight, lower inflammation and feel great!

Approved for:

Flex Spending Accounts
Health Spending Accounts
Independent Health Wellness Cards
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Wellness Cards


Minimum 5 people