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Primal and Primal meets Bike

Primal Rebound (HIIT meets Tramp) Benefits:  Bio hack Of Fitness!

The Most fun and the biggest results you will get -all 40 minutes!

Interval Training:

  1. Interval training is a 20-minute training that uses three muscles fibers: Slow, fast and super-fast. During burst of interval the super-fast muscle fibers are used which stimulates the growth hormone HGH that our body slows down making in our 30’s. The higher your levels of HGH, the younger, healthier and stronger you will be. Prevents wrinkles and skin sagging.
  2. Ramps up the mitochondria (builds more factories) – the cells powerhouse which allows for greater oxygen consumption (did you ever climb stairs and feel you couldn’t get enough oxygen?) This is known as the VO2 Max – measures the cardio respiratory fitness.
  3. Ramps up the metabolism.
  4. Short burst of interval 30 seconds gives the body just the right amount of intensity to get all the benefits without breaking down the body.

Rebound Training (Tramp)

  1. Whole body Exercise – Anti Aging “Cells” experience the effects of acceleration and deceleration and 200 times a minute = WHOLE BODY COLLECTIVELY STRONGER without damaging the body. (Works all 30 trillion cells in body)
  2. Bone, Nervous system, Muscular System, Endocrine System, Immune System and Organs, Skin, and mind all become stronger. Unhealthy cells are cleared from the body. U.S. Marines slogan: Adapt or Die – forcing body to regenerate itself with healthy cells.
  3. Only on the tramp do you get the vertical stacking of forces: Acceleration/deceleration = Resistance. Resistance with G-force for total body = stronger bones. Add weights multiply that by the G – Force (usually G-force 2 to 3) and ramp up your workout for 30 trillion cells!
  4. Rebounding allows for greater oxygen consumption – get fit faster and oxygen consumption stays up after rebounding = Greater Metabolic Rate torching calories even hours after exercising.
  5. Most Importantly, Lymphatic detox -lymph fluid contains immune cells that travel through body takes invaders to lymph nodes to get cleaned; there macrophages and WBC ingest; digest and steels genetic code to prepare and army of WBC to fight that invader the next time it enters in body. Heart does not pump lymph fluid through the circulatory system. The only way lymph fluid moves is thru up and down movement. They lymph system is a series of one-way channels. When you bounce, it sends the fluid through each channel. A 4-minute health bounce will filter lymph fluid thru the body. A vacuum detox for the body!

Floor Work (10 Min):

Legs and Butt
Planks – core

Class Description – This is a 40-minute High Interval Training class which includes:
(Note – This class will most likely run for 60 minutes to allow for instruction for now)

  1. A warm up to lubricate the joints and warm up muscles – get into the grove.
  2. 8 Intervals which consist of:
  • 90 second aerobic routine that will focus on strength training, toning all the muscles in the body, detoxing and light to medium cardio training.
  • A 30 second burst – Give it all you Got! Optional to incorporate heavier weights which in each session working different arm and back muscle groups. You should be winded during the interval. It is in the interval – you find your strength and reap the amazing benefits!
  1. A cool down. Although there is a routine, sometimes the music will just take over!

What you will need:

  1. Water – Very important to hydrate during the entire workout.
  2. Hand Towel – You’re going to sweat!
  3. A Smile! Smiling throughout your routine or any time you exercise to avoid nasal fold wrinkles.
  4. Please try the exercise without weights at first then gradually add weights if you desire.
  5. Weighted gloves – Optional. Primal ReBOUND provides hand weights and we also sell weighted gloves. This allows for greater toning of the arms, increases the interval resistance.
  6. Ladies, Primal ReBound will strengthen your entire body in time – your Kegels. Be prepared! You will be bouncing, and I guarantee you will want to jump!
  7. Patience, Perseverance and Motivation. Give your self-time to get this!


  1. There always should be one foot on the tramp – when doing routines that balance on one foot.  The only time both feet leave the tramp is when they are together in plyometric squats, ski jumps or spins.
  2. Remember:
    1. A – Align joints: ankles, knees, pelvis and shoulder in line.
    2. N – Neutralize spine
    3. S – Square hips and shoulders
    4. E – Engage muscles prior to lifting weights
    5. R – Retract and depress shoulders
  3. Eyes should focus on instructor or ahead, occasionally looking at feet to ensure proper alignment and correctly on trampoline.
  4. Work it! Throughout the whole routine, remember to work your arms,  and squeeze your core to get the maximum benefit.


** Please make sure you get doctors approval before attempting any exercise**

**Waiver must be signed prior to participation to any classes.